Tibet is famous for preserving its religious and cultural identity, handed down from generation to generation over literally thousands of years in its Himalayan homeland. 1959, however, saw a cruel caesura in its social and cultural tradition. In the wake of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, all monasteries and temples were destroyed and the monks, nuns and other standard bearers of the tradition were harassed and persecuted. As a result of this situation some tens of thousands Tibetans fled into exile, most of them to India following their religious and political leader H.H. Dalai Lama.

In India the Tibetans are able to enjoy conventional education and to combine traditional spirituality with Western standards.

Our aim is to support Tibetan refugees, both spiritual teachers and lay people, mainly in South India (near Mysuru, Karnataka State). In addition we organize in Munich rituals, talks, workshops and studygroups on Buddhist topics.