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Respect for our Planet

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A World without Plastic

More urgent than ever before!

Our ecosystem is suffocating under mountains of plastic, our waters get polluted, even the drinking water. 

Plastic ends up in the animal food chain, as well as in the one of the humans. Also 'Bio-Plastic‘ is harmful to the environment and our health. But the majority of large corporations undermine plastic reducing measures.

A change in the awareness of many individuals combined with associated actions can make a major impact. The claim that the individual cannot do anything against this development does not correspond with the Buddhist teaching. Even a small impulse can bring an avalanche in rolling due to the strong karmic connection between beings and environment.


Why not try to resist the flood of plastic for some time?  Let's start with 4 weeks or - for the more decisive ones - 4 months! 

For more information on microplastic check the website of Bund Naturschutz

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