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The Kalmykians and their temple in Munich-Ludwigsfeld 

The small temple, located in an apartment building, is the oldest one in Munich. For many years it was the only Buddhist temple following the Tibetan tradition in Germany.
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Download here His Life-Story as Comic-Version (German)
Milarepa Tibets großer Yogi

Milarepa's Life Story part 1 (German)

Lebensgeschichte_Milarepa Teil 2


Almost every Tibetan knows the great Yogi Milarepa. He lived in the 11th century in the Northwest of Tibet and came from a wealthy family. He is not only seen as one of Tibet’s foremost yogis and ascetics but also as one of the most renowned Tibetan poets. He is an inspiring example for someone who has been able to accomplish full enlightenment based on his own personal efforts, diligence, and trust in his Master.

Milarepa's intriguing life-story has been published some time ago by the Council for Tibetan Education in a comic-like version. (Editor: Lobsang T. Rikha, illustration: Elisabeth Brombill, German translation: Pasang Dahortsang and Marianna Kneisl). Those of you who understand German can download it here.



When Milarepa was seven years, old his father died. Before his death, the father had appointed Milarepa’s uncle and aunt as manager of his possessions until Milarepa would be old enough.

But uncle and aunt driven by greed treated Milarepa and his mother as servants, who had to work very hard.

Milarepa’s mother, overwhelmed by hate, commanded her son to study black magic. Milarepa followed her instructions obediently and soon mastered this „art“ very successfully: He managed to destroy the family of uncle and aunt including their house and the complete farm. 

At a later time, Milarepa regretted his crimes with all his heart. He finally found his Master, Marpa Lotsawa. But before Marpa accepted him as his student, Milarepa had to undergo multiple hard and challenging tests. Milarepa meditated for many years and finally became a realized Yogi.

When the time had come for him to die, he drank - with full knowledge of the consequences - a poisoned yogurt, that a scholar, who was jealous of his fame, had given to him.