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Solitude / Isolation

Seeking solitude to regain strength, find inner peace or boost our creativity is not a new thing. This can be done at home, after work, during weekends and even on vacation.

Since the start of the pandemic, for many of us our home does not feel like a place of refuge any more, as our activities, such as home-office, online-education or childcare are more and more transferred to it.  

The current lockdown and visiting ban in hospitals, retirement homes and similar institutions also increasingly converts solitude into isolation.

These are challenging times for all of us! How can we revive the positive side of solitude and counteract isolation?


Call to Action!

To find peace we could use our daily routines such as cleaning or peeling vegetables for meditation. It is important to perform these actions in a very conscious and focused way. This will help us to achieve calmness.

To fight isolation all of us can contact friends and even strangers by using phone, Skype etc.