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Friendliness in our Daily Life


Dear Friends,

when observing ourselves we can easily see that we are - mainly inwardly - niggling and criticizing all the time.  This can also be seen in our body postures and our facial expressions. 

Let us conduct an experiment, in which we express our friendliness with a smile, a "please" or a "thank you". We will notice that our conversation partner will react positively to it. A reaction that in turn will have a positive impact on ourselves.  

Are there possibilities for every single one of us to do something about it?

Yes, there are!

Call to Action

Let's start immediately!



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The Norbu Ling Team


Note on our own behalf:

Dear Friends,

as you all may have learnt from the media, the referendum concerning biodiversity came to a successfull end.

Now lawmakers, parties, associations, and the initiators are requested to jointly work on a draft law or legal amendment.

We, every single one of us, of course must continue to put the ideas of the referendum into action. 

Kind reminder: Install nesting boxes, seed flowering plants in gardens, balconies and terraces. 

Mount insect hotels.