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Pre-Christmas Time: What, how to give again?

An Invitation to Originality

During the Corona period we involuntarily consumed less. For some, this was a positive experience but for many people and companies it was a struggle for survival. Even now, the desire to consume is balanced with the realization that you can live well with lessl. Now the Christmas shopping wave is rolling towards us and the question is how can we avoid falling back into the extreme of gift consumption.

Do we really need another parfume, another electronic device?

On the one hand, we are well aware of the need to support retailers in our own environment, but at the same time we can do many things with creative ideas to avoid the mountains of packaging and useless products.

Suggestions for Creativity

To wrap gifts, we can use newsprint or cloth and similiar. But giving assistance is also an excellent gift alternative. For example, you can offer help with cleaning, cooking, or time for a walk, accompaniment to an event, a doctor’s visit, or you can take care of pets and the like