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A Mature Approach towards Smartphones and Internet

Phoning with a mobile phone, surfing and playing games in the internet are dominant forces of our everyday life. The virtual world controls us and keeps us away from reality. A lot of us have already become addicted  - young people as well as adults.

We don't take a look at other people or at our surroundings anymore,  but stare, instead, onto the device and post messages to faraway continents. On the other hand we experience less and less direct talking. When travelling by train, for example, you only listen to unilateral phone conversations, while in the restaurants there are sitting not only single persons, but complete groups with a smartphone in front of them.

What to do?


Become aware how much you depend on your smartphone.

                                            Find some smartphone-free time for yourself, for one hour, for one day, over the weekend, during vacation etc.

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