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Project: Rituals and Pujas


We have been asked repeatedly whether there is a possibility to ask Lamas, monks/nuns to perform prayers and rituals (Pujas) for the sick and the deceased.

There is indeed a possibility and it is common practice in the Tibetan culture.
The Tibetans like to visit Lamas or monks and nuns to ask for healing for body and mind since most lay people are not able to perform these rituals by themselves, also the rituals are sometimes rather complicated. The power and experience of Lamas and monastic communities are considered as being very strong.

In principle, the Lamas, monks or nuns are invited to the private homes of the ones in need and perform the necessary prayers and rituals there. However, some rituals are performed in the monasteries themselves and sometimes even the whole congregation is engaged in performing rituals and/or prayers. Thereby the monks and nuns are offered food and money. Their practice is considered more effective because of the big amount of ordained people.

You can ask for all kinds of rituals for a big variety of requests, e.g. world peace, peace for a certain area, for the earth and the pacification of the elements, for the well-being of one’s own and / or others bodies and minds (also for animals), for luck and a long life etc. You can even ask to reach Buddhahood.

We present here only a small selection of rituals which are performed by the Tibetan Lamas, monks and nuns living in India.

If you have a particular request for a puja, please send us the name of the puja, the name of the person for whom the puja will be carried out and the reason for the puja (e.g. sickness, death, professional or other issues). In addition - of course - we also need your name (puja initiator) and the amount of the donation.

We are pleased to put forward your request to India or ask which ritual is best for your request.

Since it is difficult to estimate a proper donation for a Ritual we suggest you donate according to your financial abilities. Please take into account the number and quality of the offerings, the time involved, and the number of monks required.