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Project: Dogs


Same dog 2017 (left) and 2018 (right)

Anyone, who has been traveling in India, will have noticed the neglected, sometimes sick dogs. For a long time, many such dogs that needed help could also be found around the monasteries. With the support of animal caring monks, we take care that the dogs are regularly supplied with fresh water and food, that they are treated with medicine in case of sickness (mainly against skin diseases) and are vaccinated. Freshwater is the main remedy, because during the drought periods, the dogs have no other alternatives than drinking brackish water to quench their thirst, or they break their legs when jumping into the waste channels.

Today - thanks to the good medical supply - you hardly ever come across neglected or sick dogs within the area of the monastery. On the images on top, you can see the result of a good supply.

Taking care for dogs in the area of the monastery (annual):   1000 €