In addition to the monastic classical education, the 1974 founded Thoesam School gives modern instruction in subjects such as sciences, social studies and English. The school, although part of the Monastic University, is totally independent as far as its daily requisites are concerned. In 1974 there were only few pupils, remained constant till 1997 / 98 with about 100 pupils, boomed in 2000 reaching 230 pupils. The lack of sufficient classrooms hindered the school’s activities, until in 2000, we were finally able to add another storey to the building. The rooms are large and pleasantly cool thanks to a cross-ventilation which was customary in historical Indian buildings.

The kitchen was basically renovated, also with new furniture and is in accordance with general hygenic standards. Toilettes were not enough and new ones had to be added.

We provide the school with study materials and also sponsor individual pupils.