Relief Campaign for Flood Victims in Karnataka State, South India
Six months after the disaster the campaign has been successfully completed

Six months after the devastating monsoon rains have led to heavy flooding in the area around Sera Monastery (Mysuru District, Karnataka State, South India) in August 2018,  the most major damages could have been fixed so far - not least due to your support. In August the small provincial town Kushalnagar and surrounding villages were flooded by the overflowing water of the River Covery. The houses of approx. 2500 families were destroyed.

To support the victims of the flood Norbu Ling e.V. has initiated a fundraising campaign. In November 2018 I traveled to Kushalnagar, to assess the situation together with the monks. The reconstruction works have started. The first houses have already been renovated, roofs have been repaired, water pipelines and fireplaces are renewed.

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to give financial support to 14 families, who had most suffered from the disaster and help them to rebuild their destroyed huts/houses.

You can watch excerpts from my travel diary in the video on top and in the slider at the bottom.

A sincere thank-you to all donators, who made our actions up to now possible!

Dr. Maria Anna Kneisl for the Norbu Ling Team